Brač monastery and Dagon cave

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Brač monastery

Blaca desert is a unique monument to the Croatian coast. This is the resting place of Glagolitic order (Glagolitic - Croatian ancient alphabet), built on a steep cliff.

Blaca are established by the Glagolitic order who fled to Brac fleeing from the Turks. In 1552 they become a monastic community and in 1570 they received permission to raise the monasteries and churches.

They have produced wine, honey and other cultures - have gradually become very powerful. Furniture from the monastery Blaca is very attractive, the Church was rebuilt adhering to baroque patterns. Here is a collection of old weapons, old watches and a rich library. They have also a priting-office.

Blaca is a world famous astronomical observatory.

Today, Blaca is a museum.

Dragon's cave

Dragon Cave is located near the village Murvica, on the southern slopes of Vidova gora. The name was created by the dragon relief carved in the stone. It was a temple and refuge of Glagolitic priests (presumably they formed later the Blaca Desert).

Reliefs and cave monument describe the monastic life of Glagolitic priests in the 15th century. The cave is 20 meters long and divided into 4 rooms. The first chapel is dedicated to Madonna. Reliefs of Madonna with angels, moon, dragons and others are carved into the cliff. Many researchers have attempted to explain the meaning of the relief - the majority believes that the reliefs contain elements of Slavic mythology and Christian iconography. The spirituality of the people who worked here was characterized by their pagan cradle reconciled with Christianity.

Visiting Dragon takes 4 hours.

Island Brac

Murvica is in the heart of the wildness!



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